Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tweets from @genechuang
  • Big 3 now more! We now just have Ford, and two holding companies propped by the government to incubate future viable car companies. #
  • @jaichoi mission college? #
  • Back from dinner @ www.chosungalbee.com with a couple of former colleagues. Kalbi + Bulgogi + Hite = Dy + No + Mite! #
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Monday, March 30, 2009

Tweets from @genechuang
  • I have finally found a reason to install Microsoft Silverlight!! is.gd/opj7 #
  • @jaichoi check out what flickr founder is incubating: www.caterina.net/archive/001169.html #
  • Aladdin live show at DCA, genie: (looking down typing) 'song has ended and magic carpet is tired... I'm twittering!' #
  • Brando is licking my knee. I think he needs more salt in his diet! #
  • iTunes currently has Shotgun app in top 20 list. I guess there are plenty of ihicks with iphones. #
  • Call me Nostradamus, I predicted the rise of the Snuggies Cult! 4 mos ago: is.gd/pAf8 Today: is.gd/pAfK #
  • @rghanbari disagree on ur Mac repair philo, remds me of friend's BMW vs my Lexus: 'BMW has superior free service!' 'My Lexus doesn't break!' #
  • @rghanbari then my 2000 Lexus GS400, which I find zen-like in factor & form and flawless in 90K mi of road, a dual-hemisphere experience! #
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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Tweets from @genechuang
  • Swim lesson with Nat at Brookside Park #
  • Nat learning the fine art of doggie paddling at the Rose Bowl - Photo: bkite.com/05XIW #
  • At Ichima for lunch with family. Nat just slurped down a hamachi sushi like it was candy! #
  • The twitterverse just got a lot more amusing: @alyankovic is in it! #
  • Jacki at a Billy Joel concert (so who did start the fire?), so i'm solo with the kiddies strolling in Old Pas #
  • Sleepy kids + King Taco = perfect combination twitpic.com/2k5m7 #
  • Even better: sleepy kids + King Taco = lazy delicious! twitpic.com/2k66h #
  • At home enjoying King Tacos and my new concoction: Boba World passion ice tea + healthy shot of Cazadores Reposado. East meets Mex! #
  • @lukefrombuzzle use pipes.yahoo.com #
  • @degenerasian I know very few asians who watch hockey, unless they're canadian! ;-) #
  • @alyankovic idea for your next song: Segway to Hell #
  • @kobier vain shrimp can be very conceded, definitely wipe the smug off their little faces! ;-) #
  • @doctorbombay how is B-mans, I live like 4 blocks away from it and have never tired it... #
  • @kw hey I got an idea for the next R&D iphone app: speak2tweet! #
  • @degenerasian I know that aboot ya! #
  • @chews told @kw as well: next R&D app idea: speak2tweet! #
  • @stephaniearnold We were just at Roy's Pasadena last week - Roy's Rocks! #
  • @kw what's the app called? #
  • The shrinking laptop formfactor... (or ain't technology great?) twitpic.com/2kfm6 #
  • @brianeck twitpic.com/2jdg1 - youparklikeanasshole.com/ #
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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Tweets from @genechuang
  • Donuts Friday! #
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Friday, March 27, 2009

Tweets from @genechuang
  • A new day and new battles. Time to go fight the good fight! #
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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tweets from @genechuang
  • With Economy Down, Vasectomies are up is.gd/oUu7 - recession is the best birth control! (octomom excluded) #
  • @parand kids these days are using couchdb for distributed caching, written in erlang but easily workable across any web language/platform #
  • Ben the kid is scarier than Ben the adult #Lost #
  • But the scary Ben as a kid is offset by the fact his dad is Uncle Rico #Lost #
  • Hey the torturer from the Darma's Initiative is the creator of the Replicants from Bladerunner! Loving all the guest stars on today's #Lost #
  • @dvinMsM #lost never fails to have geek-y references: Napoleon Dynamite, Blade Runner, ST TNG (remember episode w Ensign Ro?) #
  • @sparckl no spoilers, just references! :-) #
  • @kw no spoilers just referneces! #
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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tweets from @genechuang
  • @mvermut I prefer weekday dumpling meetups as I have 2 kids and my weekends are pretty much booked! #
  • Long work day, now home savoring a glass of two buck chuck. That's me, $100 cognacs and $2 wines! #
  • @jwilker funny enough I just had a FB conversation with a few CA expats who lament not having access to Trader Joe's, mostly for the 2BCs! #
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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tweets from @genechuang
  • @phaithful I find the throne the best place for moments of engineering lucidity #
  • Nothing matures an engineer more than working on a 1B+ revenue system, or checking in bug that cost $1M+ loss. #
  • Woke up with aching body to the core this morning, took two advils but pain is back. Better not be onset of flu, or I will be very put off! #
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Monday, March 23, 2009

Tweets from @genechuang
  • New FB does not allow me to filter so I can just see friends' status. (can't comment on Friends page) Hence new FB = Fail Whale #
  • Y! has all social components @ scale. If we had shit togthr 2yrs ago w Mail+IM+Flickr+upcoming+Map+Vitality+Metro+OAuth, FB won't exist now #
  • @parand Y! & AOL were mired Hollywood regimes bent on production instead of UGC. Y! failed to spot social patterns, ironic as we had hadoop #
  • @jessas I think I discovered my consulting specialization: social network personal data flow optimizer! #
  • Listening to Dances with Wolves soundtrack (John Barry at his best) and sipping a glass of Rose #
  • @degenerasian Pinto doesn't have Food Fight! (best game ever on BBS is.gd/ou5l) #
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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tweets from @genechuang
  • Check out this cool ad using augmented VR engine created by coworker @chews, for which he spoke @ Ted '09 is.gd/og7v #
  • Check out cool ad using augmented VR engine created by coworker @chews is.gd/og7v and spoke @ Ted '09 is.gd/iH0r #
  • There goes my entire F'ing bracket! #
  • @kw first rule to twitter: NEVER ask "Please RT"! If your tweet is compelling enough, people will be RT it! #
  • @kw you are guilty by complicity if you RT a "Please RT" tweet! :-) #
  • @steven_nishida but what if you wind up regretting living a zero-regret life? #
  • @rghanbari if Glenfiddich is the official scotch of #bsg, then Blue Label is the official scotch of #Lost twitpic.com/wxyp #
  • @phaithful @kw @mvermut @krynsky best dimsum: bit.ly/seaharbour Also FB group for dumpling meetups! bit.ly/dtftechlunch #
  • @phaithful tell host philip cheung @ seafood harbour that I sent you, front of line and maybe 10% discount :-) #
  • @stephaniearnold driver must have been listening to the UCLA game on the radio... #
  • @jowyang cool you in Irvine? say howdy for me #
  • @MissLiz27 how do you make the jambalaya angry? #
  • Bat enjoying her 1st Coke in bottle. I remember having these on special ocassions with my dad growing up in Taiwan twitpic.com/2c7zl #
  • happiness = new class PerfectMartini extends BombaySaphire{PerfMartini(Olive[] 3olives, Vermouth dash){}; boolean isShaken(){return true})}; #
  • @degenerasian I still have my old BBS serving off of a 2400 baud modem running if you want to chat old-school style! #
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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Tweets from @genechuang
  • Obama on Leno: Smart kid coming out of school, instead of wanting to be an i-banker, we need him to be an engineer, doctor, teacher #
  • @chews Hey Chris is this using your augemented reality engine? is.gd/og7v #
  • Watching Duplicity with wife at Paseo, then maybe Roy's afterwards ;-) #
  • Next best to being in Hawaii - dinner at Roy's Pasasena - Photo: bkite.com/05JBr #
  • Abalone sashimi at Roys - Photo: bkite.com/05JD6 #
  • Pot roast at Roys - Photo: bkite.com/05JFk #
  • Scallop carpaccio salad at Roys - Photo: bkite.com/05JFu #
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Friday, March 20, 2009

Tweets from @genechuang
  • @xcbsmith awesome you'll be the angel! And I'll provide you with a business model for mintbook in 3-5 years #
  • UCLA better win, or there goes my ENTIRE bracket! #
  • It's picture-in-picture UCLA + Lakers time! #
  • I just shat in my pants #UCLA #
  • I can happily clean my boxers now #UCLA #
  • @mchwang enjoy it because soon the ball and chain will drop #
  • @parand yeah I have been using Google Sync for month now. My sync path: Work Outlook->gmail (via G desktop sync)->iphone (via G sync) #
  • @BINC hey I draw the line at Clippers :-) #
  • @nathankam always wanted to try Merrimans but missed out in 2 trips. 3rd trip will do it damn it! #
  • Obama on Leno: "If we can get back to those values that build America, then I think we'll be OK" #
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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tweets for Today

Tweets from @genechuang
  • Ah here's the iPhone OS 3.0 announcement that I've been waiting for! is.gd/nMIl #
  • The diff between corruption in US vs corruption in China/Russia is we offer top MBA and JD programs to perfect & legalize the art #
  • @parand takes 5 seconds to create a parallel process job in Java... #
  • @parand is that what you tell your clients to justify your billing structure? ;-) #
  • NEXT BIG IDEA: mintbook.com - where you can see all your friends' finances and poke fun and comment on how broke they are #
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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tweets for Today

Tweets from @genechuang
  • Tweetdeck Facebook integration is a good feature. Now it just needs Group import/export, instead of having to bust out SQLLite script h ... #
  • WTF, just spent 30 minutes booking a simple business trip on AT&TI archane trip system, just to hit 'submit' and get a Session Timeout msg. #
  • Lakers blow it!!! #
  • @mattplummer u-book sucked; my last 3 online bookings ended with no SW confirm #, having to call to book. Y! has no excuse: farechase...? #
  • Of all devices I hack, my fave: 6 Glad bags taped over ATT Uverse DVR to shield from plasma TV IR interference twitpic.com/27j7f #
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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tweets for Today

Tweets from @genechuang
  • briefcase.yahoo.com is shutting down... where am I gonna store 10 years worth of turbotax files? #
  • Have a Facebook friend who writes the most BORING status with high frequency. Should I 1) tell him privately? 2) publically? 3) just dump? #
  • @parand see I told you, hackintosh is a much better experience when you get the right hardware! Dell Mini 9 or MSI Wind FTW! #
  • TweetDeck v0.24.1b with Facebook Connect is pretty damn cool - now I have Twitter columns next to FB status column on one AIR platform #
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Monday, March 16, 2009

Tweets for Today

Tweets from @genechuang
  • @jowyang you should also find @chews at sxsw - '09 TED speaker (not online yet), first iphone jailbreaker, and my cube neighbor at ATTI #
  • Spending day at Disneyland with family and UCLA friends. Also redeeming the annual passes purchased from Costco #
  • @spullara nice virtualization nesting! My fav is running Chicken of the VNC on MBP to my iPhone running terminal SSH back to my MBP #
  • @jaichoi here's another one: blellow (yeah crappy name) #
  • Running out of juice on the iPhone after just half day at Disneyland. Damn I should have brought my Powermac battery booster! #
  • Snow White is lost in Winnie the Pooh's hundred acre woods twitpic.com/24whu #
  • Dinner with the gang at Jazz Kitchen at Downtown Disney twitpic.com/25ckj #
  • There is only one company in the world who still has the audacity to charge $100 for 8GB of SDRAM. iNcredible! #
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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Tweets for Today

Tweets from @genechuang
  • WSJ: Weary of Looking for Work, Some Create Their Own is.gd/nlfE (because in a recession everyone needs a JELLYFISH TANK!) #
  • Hanging with family at Old Town Pasadena: early lunch at Cheesecake, then hitting the BN 30% sale. #
  • @jowyang will the Best Buy API have two tier pricing, external vs internal, just like their website? ;) #
  • @jowyang @jkimlosangeles you 2 should meet up @sxsw (hate u both)! Jeremiah is social guru & my coz in law, John is former Y! & now whrrl #
  • @wefollow #yahoo #ypmobile #atti #
  • @spullara I just tagged myself #yahoo @wefollow - do alums count?? :-) #
  • FB Connect 4 iPhone Now Live is.gd/nl4W I want app that pushes FB profiles 2 Contacts list; I hack that now with Cyntact + Vringo #
  • My jailbroke iPhone Cyntact list with updated Facebook friend pictures using Vringo (iPhone 3.0?) twitpic.com/244w7 #
  • @kw my current coworker @ ATTi, meet @jkimlosangeles my former coworker @ Overture/Yahoo! #
  • @chews have fun @ sxsw, say howdy if you run into my amigos @jowyang and @jkimlosangeles #
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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Tweets for Today

Tweets from @genechuang
  • I love coffee! Coffee, coffee, coffee! Here it goes down, down into my belly. Stay classy, San Diego! #
  • I love coffee! Coffee, coffee, coffee! Here it goes down, down into my belly. Stay classy, Pasadena! #
  • @yelliebird if your iphone is jailbroken and you have NES Emulator: Legend of Zelda and Mike Tyson Punchout! #
  • @MissLiz27 thx that's Brando with the Elvis smirk and Nat with the maniacal laugh #
  • Happy 20th birthday WWW! is.gd/nbAh #
  • Was literally on the road to Daikokura Ramen in MP with Jacki when she gets the on-call page. U-turning back, Friggen Kaiser! #
  • @jaichoi hey buddy just saw this today, isn't this your competitor re-branded? is.gd/nfy7 #
  • The irreverent Have2P app from my colleagues at AT&T Interactive R&D headlined on gizmodo is.gd/niI7 #
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Friday, March 13, 2009

Tweets for Today

Tweets from @genechuang
  • @jessas so has twitter, both result of exponential growth in social traffic. Amazingly LinkedIn hasn't slowed down, maybe not as sticky? #
  • @kobier ah you use social UDP multicast! I was hoping to find a TCP twitter -> LI method for finer grain control of data flow #
  • Man survives plunge over Niagara Falls. I am now tempted to try... www.cnn.com/2009/WORLD/americas/03/11/niagara.plunge/index.html #
  • I don't get Facebook Groups; changes in wall postings & discussions aren't pushed to you. Useless to go thru 20 groups for updates #
  • @chews does iPhone then auto-correct "CHUD" to "CHODE"? #
  • @myrickstudios thanks for shout-out of YPMobile; I'll pass it on to my team! #
  • @JanRitter thanks for shout-out of YPMobile; will pass it on to my team! #
  • @amyjbennett thanks for shout-out of YPMobile; will pass it on to my team! #
  • @YPmobile hey who's YPMobile? :-) DM me! #
  • @tastytouring thanks for shout-out of YPMobile; will pass it on to my team! #
  • @dmgkebab will look into getting YPMobile in UK, no promises! #
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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Tweets for Today

Tweets from @genechuang
  • Over coffee last week I asked @jowyang which twitter client found most effect, his response was: www.twitter.com. I completely agree! #
  • Problem with working at ATTI Mobile floor: EVERYONE has an iPhone with the default ringtone, hence I'm reaching for mine every 5 min... #
  • @kobier hey what app do u use to synch twitter -> linkedin? #
  • Had fun bringing Paul Sri in for interview @ ATTI today... it's like Overture 2.0 all over again #
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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tweets for Today

Tweets from @genechuang
  • Do my eyes deceive me? Is the Dow actually up 200 today, or is this a dead cat bounce? #
  • @degenerasian your pyramid scheme sounding tweet: "New Blog Post: $19 million in less than 24 hours" And I am only joking ;-) #
  • Launched an android app last Friday and rallying to launch iphone app in 3 weeks. 2 weeks into work @ ATTI, and not a dull day! #
  • @JamesPRussell thx for the feedback! #
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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tweets for Today

Tweets from @genechuang
  • Obama lifts federal funding ban on stem cell research. Science and research FTW! #
  • Yahooooo! #
  • Watching Steve Wozniak on Dancing with the Stats. Not fair as he will get all the geek votes and the botnet votes! #
  • @lianhua costco deal is the best one: tinyurl.com/aggel7 #
  • @lianhua The newish 24 hr Fitness (non-super) in Arcadia has pool. The to-be-opened non-super in Glendale may have a pool. U should call #
  • @lianhua I stand corrected, other one is just Active and hence prolly no pool #
  • @degenerasian I almost unfriended you because your tweet sounds like a pyramid scheme ;) #
  • @spullara nat eats strawberries with both hands, I think it's adaptive evolution! #
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Monday, March 9, 2009

Tweets for Today

Tweets from @genechuang
  • The New Facebook Home Page: bit.ly/NSz9V "Serving up more behavioral target ads like Papa Johns because we know you're fat!" #
  • Doing some gardening work in the shortened morning, then heading to Encino for kiddie playdate with the Philips in afternoon #
  • When Wolfram Alpha becomes sentient in 2010 and threatens to destroy humanity, hope he remembers me twittering nice things about AI #
  • @phaithful when SDram just ain't gonna cut it, it's time to send in the motherf'ing Wolfram! #
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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Tweets for Today

Tweets from @genechuang
  • Trying to find some recession sale at Americana in Glendale. Found a 'vintage' Tom&Jerry shirt for Nat/Brando twitpic.com/1wx8s #
  • Americana is a great luxury mall in the wrong time! Hope $9 shirt I bought will keep it open +1 min twitpic.com/1wy2r #
  • @RickyNguyen I'm not a big Rent fan like my nutty wife, but the hot Mimi and Maureen in this tour made my viewing more pleasurable #
  • Put together a toy bin shelf for Nat and Brando, with Nat manning the Black and Decker cordless screwdriver! #
  • @kogibbq would you ever come out to Pasadena? Just a few miles from Eagle Rock, might as well!!! #
  • In 1984 Apple threw a hammer at Big Blue. Now @saurik throws hammer at Apple with Cydia Store! Bought Cyntact for $1! is.gd/m33q #
  • @dwiskus it's not about $ but rather control. jailbreak and set your iphone and your mind free! #
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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Tweets for Today

Tweets from @genechuang
  • @phaithful I signed up for likaholics too, didn't get in yet. u still have invite left? #
  • @AlohaArleen Live long and prosper! #
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Friday, March 6, 2009

Tweets for Today

Tweets from @genechuang
  • I contested a parking violation to LA County, on the basis of inconsistent enforcement, and won! Take that big gov! #
  • @saurik good luck w/ the anti-app store launch on Friday! #
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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Tweets for Today

Tweets from @genechuang
  • @drhenke hey Senor Henke, welcome to twitter, wassup with the Lake Show losing 2 straight before beating the lowly Griz? #
  • @lili888 cool u guys went to blowfish for dinner? was just there a few months ago. I had dinner up in Oakland with old friend #360idev #
  • Great dinner w Bruhmuller, who was @ GoTo.com before me & got me the gig. Nice to reminisce about early days of Paid Search and BEA Weblogic #
  • @jaichoi friggen awesome so far - AT&TI is at the sweetspot of where local, social, advertising and mobile intersect. Nuff said! #
  • @lili888 oh and saw your earlier bkite log on Mandarine Noodle House. For best 牛肉卷餅, go to tinyurl.com/aarhhh #
  • @jasoncitron hi I signed up for beta program from ur site a few weeks back; I am at #360idev now, is Danielle here I can chat w? #
  • I'm still loving the Garden Botanika Mint Shampoo from hotel early in the morning. Tingly scalp = happy iphone hacker #360idev #
  • @jwilker hey I mentioned 360conference & #360idev @jowyang and that u were big fan of social, he was too busy to visit, but says howdy #
  • @jaichoi read this short article, it's about ur biz! tinyurl.com/d5ryum #
  • At @saurik talk on Cydia and launching his jailbreak App Store w/ a rating system & FB Connect this Friday! twitpic.com/1ul7v #
  • At @saurik talk on launching jailbreak Cydia App Store w/ a rating system & FB Connect this Friday! twitpic.com/1ul7v #360idev #
  • First $1 app on Cydia: Cyntact - iPhone contact list with photo thumbnails on the left, kewl! #360idev #
  • SJC to BUR mad dash routine: rental car dropoff with 30 min 2 spare, calling BUR valet so car will be ready, twittering while while boarding #
  • @360iDev on flight to Burbank wish I could join the fiesta #360idev rocks cajones! #
  • #360idev the BEST conference ever! The people, tech, & opportunities are awesome. Only thing better is coming home to Nat: 'I miss u daddy'. #
  • @AbbiV wish I was there, had to go back to Pasadena to family, love the fastmac charger! #360idev #
  • Great folks @ #360idev 1) jailbreak apps to complement @chews @saurik @timburks talks: is.gd/lS3Z 2) Want to work for ATTi? DM me! #
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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Tweets for Today

Tweets from @genechuang
  • Loud helicopters hovering around iphone conference hotel since 6:00 am, sounds like a warzone. Somebody better be friggen' dying! #360iDev #
  • @spullara Was fine w HD, started reading avsforum then became aware of artifacts, jitter & 3:2 pulldown. Stopped reading, all good again! ;) #
  • @cjromb or how about charge for a twitter premium (> 500 followers) That will also neuter spammers while not deterring newbies #
  • @jrohland helicopters woke me up @ 6, it's like a warzone! #
  • @kw u need ride to conference today? am leaving by 8 #
  • At Location Location Location talk from ATTI colleagues Arbind and Chris #360iDev #
  • Location location location talk with ATT folks Arbind and Chris, latter demoing how to fly in pic #360idev twitpic.com/1tkhs #
  • @cpurdy MFC baby! #
  • @Sahil well @chews IS going to talk about yellowsn0w this afternoon, so Golden Shower is a good segue! #360idev #
  • Deep Diving into iPhone OS and Frameworks with Tim Burks #360idev #
  • Tim Burk talking about otool -o and assembly code results from objective-c executables... ah brings back assembly memories! ;-) #360idev #
  • Waiting for @chews Breaking the Law/iPhone talk to start! #
  • Sessions with disclaimers rock! @chews "jailbreaking is my views & not my employer AT&T" #360idev twitpic.com/1tqzq #
  • Takeaway from @chews jailbreak session, from @saurik there are 2 million jailbroken iphones - that's a market u can't ignore! #360idev #
  • Heading to University Cafe Palo Alto to meetup with @jowyang, Forrester analyst, social network guru, and my cousin in law! #
  • @jowyang great meeting you in person finally; awesome to have family in the industry! #
  • @jowyang RT a fan tweet from ATT coworker: @kw @genechuang ur related to @jowyang Am such a fan of his - tell him that :-) #
  • HL of day2 @360iDev: @timburks on nush, @chews on jailbreak, coffee w/ @jowyang , off to dinner w/ old kiko.com friend Lawrence Bruhmuller #
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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tweets for Today

Tweets from @genechuang
  • Touchdown at SJC, ready to absorb as much as possible next three days at #360idev #
  • Watching Mike Lee give keynote @ #360iDev, talking about iPhone dev resources. I naively assumed he was Asian ;-) #
  • At the iPhone and Android preso - hope I'll learn some good dev tips for both devices I have in my pockets #360iDev #
  • @kobier let's def compare notes on netbooks, I was deciding between Acer and MSI got hackintosh at BB, and the latter was on sale ;) #
  • Learning to do iPhone game development with Dapple creator Owen Goss #360idev #
  • At a not so useful (for me) presentation at #360iDev right now, will move to another one... I will keep presenter anonymous :-) #
  • In 2 hr talk w/ @saurik (Cydia man) & @chews (1st jailbreaker, TED '09 spkr) @ #360idev. In presence of greatness! twitpic.com/1t7kg #
  • twitpic.com/1t7kg - Just had 2 hr talk w/ @saurik (Cydia man) & @chews (1st jailbreaker, TED '09 spkr) @ #360idev. In presence o ... #
  • @saurik awesome 2 hour chat with u & @chews! Need to do more tomorrow. Here are your mugshots on the twitter-verse! is.gd/lx94 #
  • @chews awesome 2 hour chat w u and @saurik! See u in the morn, here are ur mugshots on the twitterverse! is.gd/lx94 #
  • @spullara AT&T Uverse has a much less lossy mpeg encoding compared to Charter HD - Simpsons look fantastic paused, few artifacts #
  • @chews Do u have a pwnd netbook, like this bit.ly/Jb7V8 ;-) So u can demo live jailbreak using hackintosh, a double birdie to Apple! #
  • @rwp42 you need to promise to take the mobile dev team on a ride... all at once, on that giant cruise missile! #
  • Lovin' the minty shampoo at the Holiday Inn. My scalp is tingly and my noggin is ready for another day of iPhone goodness! #360idev #
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Monday, March 2, 2009

Tweets for Today

Tweets from @genechuang
  • Playing around with www.microplaza.com - it's basically Techmeme for twitter! #
  • Enjoying 80 degree weather in Pasadena with stroll down Lake with family #
  • I'm going to hell for making fun of this headline: is.gd/llYO Mullen: Iran has fissile materials for bomb Me: Fo shizzle? #
  • Heading up to San Jose early Monday morning for a 3-day iPhone conference. Oh how I miss BUR to SJC on Southwest... not! #
  • @parand will do! Tuesday afternoon has a very good talk: Chris Hughes, the original jailbreaker. He now works for... AT&T Interactive! #
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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Tweets for Today

Tweets from @genechuang
  • Funny it takes an electronic gizmo to get everyone all excited about reading books again. But most will use Kindle to read blogs/twitter #
  • Munching on a pork tamale at the farmers market. Muy sabroso! #
  • Kansai in Old Pas, trying out the shockingly good appeTAZER twitpic.com/1rex7 #
  • Shaq rocks! RT @THE_REAL_SHAQ: People n phoenix u have 5 min to touch me I have 2 laker tickets n my hand I'm on a corner at a bus stop #
  • Watermelon cucumber mojito at Katsuya Hollywood, then Rent @ Pantages. This must be Jacki's 50th Rent... - Photo: bkite.com/054ql #
  • DineLA deal @Katsuya kicks ass! Asian salad, rock shrimp tempura, nigiri+crab handroll, miso cod, mango mochi all for $35. Tonite is last :( #
  • Waiting at front foyer of Pantages for Rent. I wonder how many pro Prop 8 folks are here.. "closet Rentheads" twitpic.com/1rlfm #
  • @THE_REAL_SHAQ wake up Shaq you got a spider crawling into your mouth! #
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