Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tweets from @genechuang
  • RT @traffichoney: David Krantz CEO AT&T Interactive to build local allow discover, find, connect, transact, mobile local and social local #
  • @parand oh i see so i'm not your buddy! #
  • Messing with a new Jira install at AT&TI ... the permissions system is just overly complex Everyone should be able to do everything! #
  • @parand you can offshore apps for $5000 these days #
  • Hanging with Mason Ng from Oracle at Katsuya, discussing M&A - Photo: #
  • @jbarnette gave everyone on mobile team admin access to all jira projects, problem solved! :-) #
  • Wow Friendfeed now looks just like the new Facebook; all social networks are converging on the same bland look-and-feel! #
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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tweets from @genechuang
  • Early morning workout, then AT&T Interactive (us) to meet with AT&T Mobility (them) to discuss devCentral and today! #
  • Ginger Thai for lunch with Min, seafood here is fresh! - #
  • Swingby Bellevue on way to airport, hey Expedia HQ is here - Photo: #
  • Hey finally Pearl Jam playing on car radio, I have arrived in Seattle! Don't call me daughter, not fit to.... #
  • Stuck on 405 to Tacoma airport. Seattlites jeer LA traffic. isn't it ironic, don't u think? - Photo: #
  • Back in LA from Seattle trip, first thing to grub on: El Super Burrito! - Photo: #
  • Normal flu kills 36K a yr in US. Secret to getting people serious on preventative medicine and vaccinations: animal + flu! #
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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tweets from @genechuang
  • I have landed at the origin of grunge! #
  • I landed at the Mecca of Grunge! - #
  • First time in Seattle! Gonna drink a Starbucks, listen to Pearl Jam, and reinstall Vista! #
  • At new Microsoft Commons campus this place is huge, and a little bit evil;) - Photo: #
  • Had lunch with Drew Stooks at Studio A XBox building, huge and one of 4 bldgs in new campus - Photo: #
  • @brianacton weather is a nice 60, @qilu is a busy man will see if I can bump Balmer to get some facetime with the big man on campus! ;) #
  • Chatted with ex-Yahoosofties here: Drew Stooksbery, Jane Bove, Sarah Mangold, Todd Windemuth. Overture Adv/Pub model alive @ Microsoft! #
  • Hitting the gym at the Marriott Redmond Town Center; ironically the first and only chance I had to work out since starting ATTI 2 months ago #
  • @stephaniearnold Katsu Beverly Hills (not to be confused with Katsu-ya or Katsuya) #
  • Wondering around Redmond Town Center trying to find a sports bar that show the Laker game - Photo: #
  • @kobier oh where you at? i'm also waiting for Min to fly in @ 8, and I have a rental car... #
  • at Matt's Oyster Lounge. Oysters, beer, Laker game, I'm set for the evening! - Photo: #
  • @parand I had a big Indian lunch @ MS HQ today already, if i had anymore Indian for dinner I'd be oozing curry from the pores! #
  • @yellowspaces I sit on the intersection of mobile, local, social and advertising, be very interested in when it launches! #
  • RT @jenle82: search used to keep our food safe from boogers: #
  • FB Open Stream API is nice, but FB needs SEARCH for status and comments, this is how twitter differentiates from others #
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Monday, April 27, 2009

Tweets from @genechuang
  • @RickyNguyen Jacki chickened out, I was dancing with myself #
  • RT @brianleroux: Very cool, Android powered netbook: #
  • Lazy Sunday at Disneyland #
  • Nat at Jedi Academy in DL, points to picture of the diminutive Jedi Master and asks "What's his name, Soda?" #
  • Finishing up dinner at Roy's Anaheim, great way to finish a weekend #
  • Heading up to SEA Mon/Tues to visit 2 evil empires: AT&T Mobility and Microsoft. I should drop by Starbucks HQ to make it Triad of Evil #
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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Tweets from @genechuang
  • @whicken thanks you contributed too! #
  • Going to UCLA Festival of Books today. For benefit of my Trojan friends, books are these things you read to earn a degree ;) #
  • UCLA engineering building and Bolter Hall behind it, where Tim Berners Lee did his graduate studies and f... - Photo: #
  • Bruin Walk as busy as I remember it during a school day - Photo: #
  • Great day for a book festival with Sunset Village dorms in backdrop - Photo: #
  • Top of Janss Steps - Photo: #
  • Royce Hall the trademark Ucla building - Photo: #
  • Kid show at UCLA FoB, Yo Gaba Gaba live at 3:20, Nat's hero, don't one if we can last another hr - Photo: #
  • Taking a respite at UCLA sculpture garden - Photo: #
  • The voice of Lisa Simpson at UCLA FoB! #
  • It's to GABA GABA time! #
  • LA traffic is horrendous over the weekend, taking over an hour 20 min to get from Westwood to Pasadena #
  • At the Langham for Kaiser physician dimner - #
  • Live band at Kaiser dinner playing Margaritaville, Jacki and I tempted to test our ballroom skillz - Photo: #
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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Tweets from @genechuang
  • "FIVE.BILLION.DOLLARS."- Jim McCarthy, former coworker @ and now Goldstar Events founder, explaining Geocities to me back in '99 #
  • Team submitted to app store, beers all around! #
  • Friday night swashbucklery at the Farmers Market - Photo: #
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Friday, April 24, 2009

Tweets from @genechuang
  • @austinrfnd unsung hero is more like it... don't worry man, developing platform is hard, and you'll get better with experience & I can help #
  • Done with work, on to the dance! #
  • I can't believe Jacki just forced me to join Mafia Wars, an app that I have been blocking on FB for over a year... #
  • RT @devdroid: App Review - YPmobile Local Search #
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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tweets from @genechuang
  • It's April 22nd and everybody knows today is Earthday, Merry Christmas, happy birthday to whoever's being born! #
  • #PP When is the next full moon? @CathiBaker @filmdotcom @nuttyeeyore #
  • Fleshing out the Mobile/Local/Social/Advertising roadmap for ATTI - the future is bright, I gotta wear shades! #
  • Argh the secret is out! Atch-Kotch is #1 on this month Los Angeles Magazine 101 Cheap Eats! #
  • @steven_nishida good to know, because we always bastardize the pronunciation as "ass crotch"! Best $25 omakase deal here in LA! #
  • @phaithful I bet you $100 the Wolfram Alpha "engine" is just a crowdsourced city in India! #
  • iBotnet - the Mac epidemic has begun! #
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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tweets from @genechuang
  • @saurik we recently launched YPMobile for Android and was looking for web browser of reviews. I just discovered, sweet!! #
  • This game is ALREADY in the fridge! Door is closed, light are out, the eggs are cooling, the butter is hard, and the Jell-o's jigglin'! #
  • @lili888 my favorite dish @ noodleworld: mint leaf chicken! #
  • @jaichoi partner up with tweetdeck and twitfon, my 2 client of choice on computer and iphone, respectively, so u can peerpong from them #
  • #PP Lakers over Jazz in how many games? @rhesus_ @jasontbrown @irhymenow #
  • #PP What's your favorite iPhone/Android/BB app? @jessieseals @oOoshecutee @john_jones_chi #
  • #PP How do you find twitterers with common interests? Peerpong be onto something. @debbyk @djlissamonet @FZscience #
  • @fabthefabulous not yet from native app... unless you hit from safari #
  • @stephaniearnold because he's a Bruin!! #
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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tweets from @genechuang
  • Dead car battery this morning, at Sears going over the Silver/Gold/Platinum options #
  • Eagerly awaiting MySQL 10g RAC... not! :-) #
  • Today I had to replace an old car battery and an old shower trap - two technologies we totally take for granted, until they break. #
  • @rpetrain Thanks for shout-out on YPMobile for Android! #
  • @brianacton add Twitter App to your FB and you only tweet once #
  • @brianacton and this is why twitter is not just FB status or IM: one word u know well: "search"! e.g. 'niagara' tweets #
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Monday, April 20, 2009

Tweets from @genechuang
  • At Hollywood and Highlands for Seasame Street museum #
  • @chews ice ice baby! #
  • Leaving Hollywood and Highlands, shooting down Sunset until the end for a beach rendezvous to conclude this gorgeous day. #
  • At the Getty Villa in Malibu to get some Latin cvltvre - Photo: #
  • At the Getty Villa in Malibu, getting the family some Classic Cvltvre - Photo: #
  • Corp MacBook Pro unbearably slow login due to Active Directory timeout (especially when at home) - fixed! #
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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tweets from @genechuang
  • @dalmaer good analogy, as Twitter is also down a lot more often than Facebook! :-) #
  • Kids exploded today, an occasional reminder that our household tetter on the edge of unreconcilable chaos #
  • Flipping between Zohan and 88 Minutes and can't decide which movie is worse #
  • @parand reminds me of this equally cool augmented reality demo using your webcam and a printout: #
  • @GrasieMercedes thx for reco on Matsuhisa I'm testing out and you were matched as a sushi expert! :-) #
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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Tweets from @genechuang
  • Friday LA traffic is the suck! #
  • Dropped the kids off for the night at the Weitzel mansion in Cal Tech area. Yup we share nanny with the pretzel tycoon. #
  • @mariakermath I know, i've done Westchester to Duarte commute 4 a yr. that's the super suck. #
  • Night out with UCLA/West High gang at Atch-Kotch in Hollywood. Bring on the omakase! #
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Friday, April 17, 2009

Tweets from @genechuang
  • Krispy Kreme donuts for the troups @ AT&T Interactive - 4th floor! #
  • @mattplummer developers work better on Krispy Kreme sugar high! #
  • went to Nat's first preschool open house now ballroom dancing #
  • Trying out Inaka seafood deli, this place looks promising! - Photo: #
  • Katsu don and sashimi at inaka - Photo: #
  • Why is loading media onto the cloud so cumbersome? Why can't all digicams and camcorders have 3G and built-in flickr/youtube/fb uploaders? #
  • @FoodBevFeed What's the best sushi restaurant in LA? #
  • @GrasieMercedes What's the best sushi restaurant in LA? #
  • @miuvonf What's the best sushi restaurant in LA? #
  • @bkmohs welcome to twitter, now you just gotta get a profile picture! #
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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tweets from @genechuang
  • Tax day, having a cup of tea #
  • Definition of bittersweet: Tax day and Lost night #
  • Marvin Candle is a mean dude! #lost #
  • @mariakermath TJ's hummas goes well with TJ's 2 Buck Chuck #
  • @jrbtheproducer What is the best burrito in LA? #
  • @ButterflyMomE What is the best burrito in LA? #
  • @hkylene87 What is the best burrito in LA? #
  • @jaichoi @peerpong I ask my first question on peerpong, my twitter immediate asks 3 non-friends w/o confirmation, a bit intrusive #
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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tweets from @genechuang
  • YPMobile on Android Market since Thur, got 100+ reviews 3.5 star avg. Biggest complaint: "Slow VE maps" Gotta hit up my MS connections! #
  • @spullara I suggest putting twitter into 4hs/yuil. Another Y! already wrote most of the code! #
  • RT @G1News: New G1 Android Application: YPmobile Local Search for the Google Android Phone #
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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tweets from @genechuang
  • Meetup with a couple of ex-Citysearchers at Lucky Baldwin's in Old Pasadena. Would be ironic if they're lost! ;) #
  • RT @tiffanylin: Applying #usability principles building #social networks #webdesign #socialmedia #websites #
  • twazzup! worst web 2.0 name ever, but decent mashup site: #
  • @jaichoi heh I'm a closet W hotel music fan too, I have the CD with Porcelain by Moby #
  • @brooksbayne that's why I bring my 3G USB dongle to panera! #
  • @spullara since your putting more time into it, do u need to rebrand to 5hoursearch? ;) check out I like some mashup elements #
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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Tweets from @genechuang
  • YPMobile 1.0 on Android Market live as of 4/9! Woohoo! #
  • Come home from work and find peacock blocking the driveway! Hmm exotic dinner?? #
  • Hey a famous fellow West Torrance High '92 alum is on twitter: @CoachSark #
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Friday, April 10, 2009

Tweets from @genechuang
  • Day 3 of Pirates vs US standoff (we're not talking baseball) - captain held hostage on lifeboat, we need to send in John McClane! #
  • @jwilker but Steven Segal meet his doom in like 10 minutes! You really meant Kurt Russell right? ;-) #
  • Date night: ballroom dancing then Daikoruya Ramen #
  • @wdr1 my anaconda don't want none unless my burger's got buns hon! #
  • @kw good choice I was just there on Tues say howdy to the blonde waitress in cowboy hat and boots for me! ;) #
  • Daikokuya in Monterey Park. Best ramen EVAH! - Photo: #
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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Tweets from @genechuang
  • US crew overtake Somali pirates, throwing 3 overboard and holding 1 captive. Totally reminds me of Sid Meier's Pirates! best game ever! #
  • @spullara +1 JGAE with Intellij/Maven #
  • Wrangling/pushing back last minute requests to a release candidate build #
  • No threads, reflection, classloading & file i/o on GAE/J. Move along, this ain't the platform I'm looking for! #
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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tweets from @genechuang
  • I am annoyed by the Whale of Fail. Time to switch to FF as backup, per my social data flow plan? #
  • Baby Blue BBQ in WeHo with Jacki and friends. This place is kickin'! - Photo: #
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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tweets from @genechuang
  • I know what to get my kids for xmas, Tauntaun sleeping bags! #
  • @parand where's Carl Icahn when you need him, again! #
  • @timcadogan congrats on new product and website launch! I heard you visited AT&TI last week, ping me next time, will go grab beer! #
  • Drinks at The Standard with @chews maybe he can jailbreak my OS 3.0 beta on the spot! ;-) - #
  • Best cure for a buzz after The Standard: torta de lengua @ El Super Burrito - Photo: #
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Monday, April 6, 2009

Tweets from @genechuang
  • Nat & Brando @ Easter Egg Hunt. Neighbor's house sits on 1.5 acre, perfect for 50 kid soirees! #
  • Early evening visitor, a wayward peacock #
  • After playing Let's Go Fishin' game I fell asleep on the plastic critters, to which Nat tell mom: "Daddy's sleeping with the fishies!" #
  • @iphoneDEVgirl not wise to use the unofficial OS 3.0 QuickPwn as you will lose unlock forever; best to follow @iphone_dev #
  • @harrymccracken I agree with you: Mac is just a metrosexual PC #
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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Tweets from @genechuang
  • Brando chillin' in the backyard on a lazy Saturday afternoon #
  • Doing some kiddie shenanigans live streaming on #
  • Built my first iPhone web app mashup in 30 minutes! Phonegap + + accelerometer JS API = rolling map #
  • @phaithful thx will look into rhomobile; coincidentally I just wrote my first phonegap app with mashup, tres cool! #
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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Tweets from @genechuang
  • I have seen the future of mobile @ CTIA, & it's opera/webkit crossplat thin clients. I need web developers! web developers! web developers! #
  • CTIA Vegas was productive: 1) exposure to the mobile space 2) network with developers and vendors 3) won $1200 in 30 min @ $15 BJ table! #
  • @bshefcox actually at Encore, the newest poshest casino on the strip #
  • Pefect ending to week: Platinum Mojito @ Cheesecake-Ultra premium 10 Cane Trinidad Rum&Cruzan Single Barrel Est Rum #
  • My concerns on the demise of url shorteners is the now concern of Schachter of Delicious: #
  • @asdavis10 glad you found YPMobile useful, will let my team know! #
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Friday, April 3, 2009

Tweets from @genechuang
  • BJ at bellagio, forgettin basic strategy - #
  • The Heavenly Dual Shower head with pulsating jet action at the Westin is awesome! #ctia #
  • Clearwire CEO keynote @ CTIA: A netbook user 450x the bandwidth of a cell phone user #
  • At Wip Jam session for developers developers developers! #ctia #wipjam #
  • @saurik you should be here at Wipjam dev session, panel talking about appstores and marketplace, North 262 #
  • Leaving CTIA, my takehome: mobile industry is vibrant and oppurtunity endless. I'm in the right place! #
  • Oyster Sundae at Yoshida - Photo: #
  • This is friggen decadent: live uni. Sweet like candy, zero fishy aftertaste - Photo: #
  • Kobe beef Tataki at Yoshida. The night is getting better! - Photo: #
  • Google is the new Microsoft (i.e. evil dinosaur). So re: talks (again) to buy twitter, means twitter is past its prime! #
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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Tweets from @genechuang
  • Man do I love to wake up @ 5 am to catch a 7 am flight out of Burbank... NOT! #
  • @jessas hey man sorry internal only until beta in 5/1. I'm just building up the buzz! ;-) #
  • Gmail at 5, and still craps out 5 times a week! #
  • CTIA keynote hall, huge wall images and buy mobility speil over the soundsystem; reminds me of Blade Runner - Photo: #
  • Done with day meeting with vendors at CTIA; dinner with team, then check out the Vegas nightlife #
  • @carechiang what booth was the FX demo/discussion @ CTIA, will check it out tomorrow #
  • Dinner at Brian's old restaurant, Kaizen - Photo: #
  • In a party bus with Elvis speedin down the Strip at CTIA - Photo: #
  • Party bus stopping at LAX in Luxor - Photo: #
  • Still LAXing with ATTI peeps - Photo: #
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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tweets from @genechuang
  • Singing aloud to Tears for Fears Head over Heels on way to work. Ah, remember the 80's? #
  • Big 3? We really have Ford #
  • Heading to CTIA for the next two days for a wireless device lovefest. Vegas baby Vegas! #
  • @saurik see you @ CTIA! can't DM you because you're not following me! :-) #
  • RT @yahoo: Sideline, a @twitter monitoring app that one of our javascript guys built while playing around w/ Adobe AIR #
  • RT @austinrfnd: = looks the sexy #
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