Sunday, May 31, 2009

Tweets from @genechuang
  • Taking Nat to swim class at Aquatic Center. Back in the days I learned to swim by avoiding drowning. #
  • Didn't know Def Leopard Rocket, Elton John Rocket Man, Peter Schilling Major Tom are all based on David Bowie Space Oddity #
  • Farewell Yahoo 360, our short fling between Friendster and Facebook was fun while it lasted! #
  • Backyard fun with Nat's neighbor friend Isa and her dad Dan Povenmire. Kids love Dan breaking out voice of Dr. Doofensmirtz #
  • Waiting at The Wood Ranch for my one rib! This super sized Super Premium Margarita helps pass the time - Photo: #
  • Waiting at Wood Ranch for my one rib! This supersized Super Premium Margarita helps pass the time #
  • @mskyler Dan Povenimire, creator of Phineas & Ferb and voice of Dr. D, is or next door neighbor! Our daughters are bff: #
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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Tweets from @genechuang
  • ETrade charged me $50 for 2 bounced checks, despite having $ in savings acct & paying $1K in trade comm in 08. Time to look for new bank #
  • Watching Phineas and Ferb right now instead of the Laker game. Sigh, the sacrifices a dad has to make! #
  • Jay Leno's last Tonight Show. Amazing I've seen the torch passed twice now (from Johnny Carson). Say hello to the Conan Era, string dance! #
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Friday, May 29, 2009

Tweets from @genechuang
  • now only goes back 17 days; was 3 months a while back. live index not scalable with 20M+ users? #
  • Just finished a furious light saber duel with Nat. Once she sees Star Wars for the first time, then all this training will make sense! #
  • Congrats and good luck @quilu (my old boss @brianacton 's boss) on Microsoft Bing! Google can use the competition! #
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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tweets from @genechuang
  • Lakers will prove tonight that Showtime exists in the City of Angels, from Magic Johnson statue to Chick Hearn Ct to the old Fabulous Forum. #
  • RT @attibetalabs: check out the new Discover. Share. Rock. promotion for the ypMobile 2.0 application! #
  • My MBP froze twice this week (no kernel dump screen, just froze irreparably). OSX not so BSOD-proof. #
  • @dyoder ah didn't know today was your last day! (don't most people give notice on a Friday? ;-)) Good luck in your next venture! #
  • @mattplummer innie or outie? amazing how the fate of belly button locker room ridicule is dictated by how the umbilical cord dessicates... #
  • @xcbsmith I suspect Cisco VPN Client, tho not 100% sure this time (previous crashes had this in system log) #
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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tweets from @genechuang
  • Alright the Cavs-Magic series is ten times more entertaining than Lakers-Nuggets series! #
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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tweets from @genechuang
  • @inspectorjavert 1 more day to revolution we will nip it in the bud, we'll be ready for these schoolboys, they will wet themselves w/ blood! #
  • Freethrows and rebounds win championships #
  • Do you spend time with your family? Good. Because a man that doesn't spend time with his family can never be a real man. - Don Corleone #
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Monday, May 25, 2009

Tweets from @genechuang
  • Kids at the strawberry farm in Irvine - Photo: #
  • Dinner with Owyangs (@jbowyang Joanne Josh & Luke, no @jowyang) at Honda-ya in Tustin. Best Izakaya in Greater Los Angeles! #
  • Watching Les Miserables 10th Anniversary Concert with Nat and explaining to her the socio-political aspects of the French Revolution #
  • HTC Lancaster is QWERTY KB Slider w/ Android for AT&T, and guess what app will be preloaded on it? :-) #
  • Palm Eos on track for AT&T release second half of 2009. And guess what App will be preloaded on this as well? :-) #
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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Tweets from @genechuang
  • Taking the kids to Skirball Center to meetup with cousin Luke #
  • At Noahs Ark where the kids interact with cyborg animals! - Photo: #
  • Taking advantage of being on the westside and making pilgramage to sushi shrine Hide - Photo: #
  • Strolling at The Grove, run into Brian and Em, now having midafternoon lunch with them and watching the bellagio watershow #
  • @PhoCiti Yup Hide on Sawtelle, one of the best sushi joints #
  • Putting on the Lakers rally jersey, it's game time! #
  • Playoff games are won or lost on the freethrow line #lakers #
  • Very proud of wife for her work related heroics tonight. My job seems trivial in comparison. #
  • @nathankam looks delicious, I had one just a couple weeks back! #
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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Tweets from @genechuang
  • Still in the office at 6 pm before Memorial Weekend, I need to jam! #
  • Yesterday out of the blue Brando turned to me and said 'ba'! That's right, who's your daddy? #
  • RT @YPmobile: I'm getting some press coverage! #
  • I sat on the roof and kicked off the moss. Well a few of the verses well they've got me quite crossed. #
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Friday, May 22, 2009

Tweets from @genechuang
  • With Jay from and Vincenzo from Nokia at Dibw Bar in SJ - Photo: #
  • RT @masonmiller: Go yellow! is an excellent & smart alternative to that annoyingly large yellow book. #green #
  • Lesson of the day from #where20: Don't stop believing! #
  • @statpumpkin a girl band did an awesome cover of Journey last night at @where20 hotel lobby :-) #
  • Finishing up last day of conference. Worst thing about travel is missing my family. #
  • Trying to get on early standby SJC -> BUR. 2.5 days of location conference is plenty, time to go home! #
  • @jowyang you're chinese, chitterling food should be second nature to you! :-) #
  • @dannown that's a crapload of kimchi! #
  • @jbarnette ssh tunnel can do this I think... #
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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tweets from @genechuang
  • Driving to SF! - #
  • Fish and carnitas tacos at Mijitas on Embarcadero with ATTI coworkers #
  • Fish and carnitas tacos at Mijitas Embarcadero with ATTI coworkers #
  • Damn it should have caltrained to SF. Rental has a flat, just replaced spare and heading to Hertz! #
  • Drove 50 mi from SF to SJ on a spare tire so I can get back to #Where20. Driver manual warning, I scoff at thee! #
  • @jesstsai check out Speak4It App from ATTI, meetup @ where20 if u want demo #
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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tweets from @genechuang
  • At Where 2.0 learning about Location Location Location! - #
  • Liked the Trulia preso @ #Where2.0, tho I admitted to presenter Chris Conway that I use Redfin. Real Estate + Maps + Data = killer app #
  • Checking out, open source wrapper around G/Y Map api, flickr api, etc.. at #Where20 #
  • At "Navigation Privacy Laws when Developing and Deploying Location Tracking Apps", legal hat on! #where20 #
  • Privacy implication of mashups , data that independently is legal, but together is? e.g. individual political contribution + map #where20 #
  • @thedundies we heard your feedbacks and YPMobile 2.0.5 just went live on App Store 1:00 pm today; please update and give it another shot! #
  • RT @rwp42: iPhone YPmobile 2.0.5 now available in AppStore! #
  • At "Computing with Maps: A Gentle Intro to Spatial Statistics in R" #Where20 #
  • "Giving your Mobile Apps a Sense of Place" by Dave Johnson. Ah Intersection of 2 topics near and dear to me! :-) #where20 #
  • @lili888 I believe those Smartphone stats are for US, not worldwide #
  • @sixwing heh my favorite vietnamese noodle joint name was Pho King on Valley. Last year they closed down the Pho King restaurant! #
  • Mobile/Location was a bit painful watching presenter code across 3 native apps; done on purpose to advertise for phonegap? #where20 #
  • Dinner with @brianacton, reminisce the past and hypothesize the future - Photo: #
  • Note to self check out #where20 #
  • @yoski that was a great presentation! If u are at the lobby bar with the 2 pianos, will buy u a drink! #
  • definitely stood out @ #where20. To quote another Joker: "Where does he get those wonderful toys?" #
  • Crashing early tonight, gotta commute from SJ to SF for 9:00 morning meeting. Drive or BART? #
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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tweets from @genechuang
  • Onboarding newhires weekly, Ernest Millan last week, Noelene Livingston today. Mobile team is growing! #
  • It's Bay Area week for me - Tues and Thurs in San Jose for Where 2.0 and Wed in-between road trip to SF office #
  • @whicken JIRA is not a pet! #
  • @zaidarosa thanks for the great reco on YPMobile, we are always improving to make the app useful for your iphone! #
  • @wdr1 I would love to visit Googleplex, but will be staying @ Where 2.0 thu lunch. If u can swing by SJ Fairmont for afterhour drinks! #
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Monday, May 18, 2009

Tweets from @genechuang
  • Early morn play with neighbor Isa, now swim lesson at Rose Bowl, then rendezvous at Disneyland w cousin Luke. Nat/Brando have a busy day! #
  • The greatest sacrifice a dad can make: taking the family to Disneyland instead of watching a Lakers Game 7. Now if this was The Finals... #
  • RT @spullara: a really nice introduction to #yql for web developers: #
  • You sending the Wolfram Alpha? Shit, nerdo, that's all you had to say! #
  • @jowyang you may need to tweet en Francois! #
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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Tweets from @genechuang
  • Very proud of team delivering YPMobile 2.1 to App Store, should be live next week. Fast iteration, constant improvement, feedback taken! #
  • At Tasty Gardens for lunch. This place now surpasses Sam Woo as best casual. Cantonese! - Photo: #
  • Checking out the new Promenade at Santa Anita Mall - Photo: #
  • Wife is pretty awesome, taking care of kids on a nice Saturday afternoon so I can get a haircut and hit 24 Hour Fitness. #
  • @treygray01 thanks for the YPMobile shout-out ! #
  • RT @chriscbs: All of my searches from today fwd will be divided btwn WolframA lpha and Google is gone with the weather. :) #
  • @DanielleMORRILL best Disneyland hotel experience is Grand Californian - you pay a premium, but it's worth it! #
  • Taking the 15-lb lobster soup from last week's seafood bake to make risotto tonight. Ultimate rice in the work! #
  • Settling into the evening with a sniffer of Remi Martin Extra - as smooth as good as Louis XIII, and at 1/4 the cost, a relative bargin! #
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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Tweets from @genechuang
  • Planning another travel week - Where 2.0 in San Jose and visiting our San Francisco office (formerly Ingenio) #
  • @chews What was the talk on? Next year? You predicting a return to the death star? lemme know, I can use you! :-) #
  • Home on a friday night, chillaxing with the kids, munching on a Chipotle burrito, having a Heineken. Wassup? #
  • @kobier congrats dude! #
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Friday, May 15, 2009

Tweets from @genechuang
  • Today's Google outage effectively equated to an Internet outage. The WWW has a SPOF. #
  • @statpumpkin I was in the same Linear Algebra class as Winnie Cooper @ UCLA - yup she is hot and smart! #
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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Tweets from @genechuang
  • @mattmartone y! and G cannot monetize hyperlocal advertising WELL. I built both Panama & APT, branding and keyword targeting good, local bad #
  • Great day @ AT&T Labs in NJ. Discussed voice recog, text to speech, uVerse datamining and recommendation engines, LBS and mobile mashups! #
  • @mrdillon didn't get to see bell statue, but I did get a pic of NetFlix Progressive Prize plaque and talked to Chris from the team! #
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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tweets from @genechuang
  • Logan to Newark! - #
  • @MerviMan search for Yes We Khan image on Flickr, u can grab the original and Cafe Press it! #
  • My one touristy picture in Boston, a town square with people watchin stuff #
  • At Sushi Lounge in Morristown, NJ. Trying to catch some basketball games before Bell Labs tomorrow - Photo: #
  • @MerviMan I have no problem sharing the Star Trek Love! (Besides I did try selling tshirts/mugs on zazzle, they shut me down! :-( ) #
  • Farmar yes! #
  • Stoked to visit Bell Labs tomorrow. Home of radio astronomy, the transistor, unix, C, C++, laser cooling, WLAN. The original incubator! #
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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tweets from @genechuang
  • My first tweet @ 30K feet - on Virgin Flight VX364 from LAX to Boston! #
  • I'm 30K ft. up and somewhere over, uh, Denver? Inflight wireless works, too bad iPhone GPS doesn't. #
  • @qilu is Orange Chicken @ Panda Express in Redmond as addictive as anywhere else? :-) #
  • @bkmohs ah jury duty, the annual rites of citizens! #
  • @mattplummer say howdie to the OpenX peeps for me, good luck on your new job, and have Hurry Curry for lunch on my behalf this week! :-) #
  • Landed in Boston, first time! Gonna paak my kaa and find some wicked chowda - #
  • Retiring early in Bean Town as I got a long meeting day tomorrow. Besides DT Boston is pretty dead, not much Celtic pride in the streets ;-) #
  • @iphonedevKara howdy fellow iphone developer! Hey is that UCLA behind you in your twitter pic? #
  • @lucasjosh yeah every Yahoo had access to internal hadoop clusters that were 10K+ node sized. We need to get crackin' @ AT&T! #
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Monday, May 11, 2009

Tweets from @genechuang
  • @brianacton undiscovered country has more shakespear quotes than Khan, thus better! ;) #
  • Happy Mothers Day to Jacki the greatest mom in the world, and to my mom in Taiwan, who didn't do a shabby job either! #
  • Flying to Boston on Monday to go see about a company. #
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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Tweets from @genechuang
  • My new ranking of best Star Treks: VI Undiscovered Country, XI (current one), II Wrath of Khan, IV Voyage Home. Agree or Disagree? #
  • Lunch with family at Avanti CAfe in Pasadena. Very good prosciutto pizza - Photo: #
  • Hosted a pool part and seafood bake with friends. Then busted open Remi Martin Extra for dessert apertif #
  • Seafood bake tally: 15 lbs of live lobster, 3 lbs live clam, 2 lbs shrimp, 3 lbs kilbasa, consumed by 10 amigos #
  • Our idea of afterdinner entertainmnent: 3 couples playing 6 person Catan. Yeah we're geeks! #
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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Tweets from @genechuang
  • #PP Is the Star Trek movie any good? @vipers5 @dcoffing @vanessa_87 #
  • At Club Sushi having dinner and catching the Laker game before Star Trek @ Arclight Hollywood - Photo: #
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Friday, May 8, 2009

Tweets from @genechuang
  • Ballroom dancing and then dinner with the wife! #
  • Star Date 05.08.09 8.30 @ the Arclight Hollywood. To boldly go! #
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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Tweets from @genechuang
  • Just unclogged a toilet. Glad I don't do it for a living. Taking a big shot of tequila to cleanse the palate. #
  • @iWhisperer 1) user input is on the roadmap 2) M is the old monopoly, G is the new, try to use non GMap to root for underdog; Y!Map maybe #
  • @expatconnector thanks for the shoutout for @YPMobile! #
  • RT @JasonMMurphy: The video channel on YouTube is pretty kewl. #
  • @jm_anderson yes did not have a good Tuesday, lots of bad bits pushed around our colos, thx for your patience! #
  • @mattmartone but Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and AOL all can't do hyper-local advertisinglike can. I know, I use to work @ Y! #
  • Is it just me or was that the WORST CGI submarine I have ever seen on #Lost? #
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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Tweets from @genechuang
  • @josh_hofer I use to work at Yahoo, not anymore... aside from support email, I'm not aware of any means to contact y!mail externally #
  • @themeatshield your iPhone itself became unstable when u installed YPMobile? Odd what were symptoms? #
  • @iwhisperer can u describe your accuracy test of YPMobile? and if we switch from M$ VS to Gevil Maps, you'll reinstall? :-) #
  • is wonky.. just yesterday it predicted with 87% accuracy that LAX->OGG rates would go down, today 80% it will go up! #
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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tweets from @genechuang
  • Post launch triaging all day, if not all week. No launch is perfect, it's how you address the issues that define lasting impressions! #
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Monday, May 4, 2009

Tweets from @genechuang
  • Sunday swim lessons at Rose Bowl aquatic center then some monkey business at the park - Photo: #
  • Shout, shout, let it all out! These are the things I can do without! #
  • Late day trip to DL, annual pass rocks! - Photo: #
  • Showing some Bruin spirit while in line for Matterhorn - Photo: #
  • @magoldman thx for spreading the YPMobile love, and 100% agree: fidelity << vanguard #
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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Tweets from @genechuang
  • @th3ron emacs is to vim as eclipse is to intellij (this would be a great SAT analogue question!) #
  • Teaching Nat and Brando how to dance to #
  • @brianacton have a safe flight home! Tweet if you got airline wireless access! #
  • @jowyang press needs accountability. Swine flu hysteria overcrowds hospitals, people with real illness will die as result. Who's accountable #
  • @DanielleMORRILL you can't; qik on a jb iPhone is the only way to stream bids #
  • In car headbanging to Whitesnake's Here We Go Again- arguably the greatest video in mankind! #
  • @tayyba glad you like YPMobile on the iPhone! Look for YPMobile 2.0 coming out *soon*, you'll love it even more! #
  • @fabien twitterfon - still the best, and free #
  • @spullara Hey congrats on YQL Execute launch. If you are ever down in Glendale near Burbank), love to invite you to talk @ AT&T Interactive #
  • Bulls versus Celtics just isn't the same without Jordan vs Bird. Am I showing my age? ;-) #
  • @jowyang hey coz did u ever find solution to your dev challenge of building a self serve twitter streams aggregator? #
  • T-minus 5 days to stardate 05.08.09 #
  • YPMobile 2.0 is avail for free on App Store! What's new: Popular Nearby/Business browsing, Single Search Box, scrollable Microsoft VE map! #
  • RT @jaycrimes: Props to YPMobile for a dope V2.0 app. Dope UI! #
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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Tweets from @genechuang
  • Handed out IntelliJ licenses to my team, and casually reminded them that real developers use vim! #
  • @chews @phaithful just set up @attweet, which is following all atti tweeters! how are things going dude? #
  • Randall Stephenson, da big cheese of AT&T, swung by for a visit. Damn I forgot to take a twitpic! #
  • At home, swinging on hammock with the 2 rugrats and guzzling hoegaarden. Weekend has begun! #
  • Jacki preps a mean slab of filet mignon. She should have been a surgeon instead of a pediatrician! #
  • @chews wherethehellismatt is badass, he came a Y! and danced a while back: #
  • Can't find the tv remote, there goes the weekend! #
  • @typicaal only carries United States local listings, for now. So it will not work well outside the US... #
  • @dustinsiler thanks for the shoutout for YPMobile! You'll like 2.0 even more coming out *soon*! #
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Friday, May 1, 2009

Tweets from @genechuang
  • Great dinner discussion on M&A diligence with Mason Ng of Oracle (see JAVA). Key factors: Talent, IP, geography and passion #
  • Health, family, friends, work. In that order. #
  • At Kiyosuzu with Jacki, with a classic 80s love song playing in background: Time After Time - Photo: #
  • New twitter UI with search and trending integrated on the right column, the two features that more important than tweeting itself! #
  • @phaithful hey do you know who @attweet is? Aggregating ATT twitterers, that's actually the smart way to build group stream #
  • @deneiges happy birthday! Darren Clark and Dann Dempsey from ATTI also say hi! #
  • @HerrRiz yes losing YPMobile sucks! #
  • @impossibleman local search engine is used a lot, you'd be surprised! :-) #
  • @dannown 喝臺灣啤酒? #
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