Thursday, September 10, 2009

From Twitter 09-09-2009

  • 07:29:35: Contemplating Beatles Rock Band, but realizing living room is too small to accommodate; at least Wii Fit can fit on shelf when not using...
  • 08:01:23: @jowyang I thanked the LAFD last week for protecting SoCal and got a great response! #support
  • 08:16:22: @jowyang they are most likely responding to their name
  • 08:57:21: @envisean let me know if its worth the wait (and space)!
  • 21:46:54: Good dinner with Richard Francia at All India Cafe, talking mobile strategy
  • 22:24:37: @kw I've used Quicken, Mint and Yodlee. All laborious wrt manually editing line items on cc charges. Need std markup for banking/financial

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