Friday, September 18, 2009

From Twitter 09-17-2009

  • 09:47:53: At MobilePlay conference (@ Plug and Play Tech Center in Sunnyvale)
  • 11:07:52: Sriram VP of Intel Captital Dir keynote at #mobileplay: netbooks and mobile small computing is huge
  • 14:45:17: @spullara hey u in SNV office today Im at SNV too will swing by and say howdy
  • 16:19:26: 2 cool tech at #mobileplay: navisense ipoint touchless UI & neurovigil live EKG on mobile devices
  • 16:29:33: @spullara will ping u by 5:30 if decide to visit
  • 16:57:43: @spullara hey will try to catch an earlier flight back, so see u next time!
  • 18:29:42: Quick Korean dinner with Mason Ng in Sunnyvale, ran thru new SJC terminal, caught the 6:30 flight, going home 1.5hr early. Great day FTW!
  • 20:33:14: Nothing beats coming home with kids running into your arms
  • 22:35:05: RT @google: Introducing the DoubleClick Ad Exchange: growing display advertising pie for all - Y! Amp has competition!

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