Friday, September 25, 2009

From Twitter 09-24-2009

  • 08:46:15: This is going to be a bad flu season. Get vaccinated!
  • 09:10:55: @gregorylent all my doctor friends get own family flu shots. what training or data do u have to make this baseless stmt, other than Google?
  • 10:13:43: @gregorylent my intuition tells me to trust people with medical training and clinical exp; pharma make more $ on flu analgesic than vaccine
  • 15:29:17: @chews just bought it, better be worth my $2! :-)
  • 15:38:07: RT @chews: Do you have a 3GS? Have you ever lost your car? Do you want to find it via Augmented Reality? Please go buy:
  • 18:45:06: On way to BJ's Brewhouse with fam for Great White pizza, forgot to record Flashback! Oh wait, there's a u-verse app for that!
  • 19:30:35: Bump into @rwp42 and @reidmix at BJ's. It's an impromptu AT&TI meetup!
  • 22:42:42: RT @YPmobile: #adweek ClickZ picks up on our panel discussion during the Mobile Ad Summit:

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