Monday, September 28, 2009

From Twitter 09-27-2009

  • 08:38:53: Beach day
  • 12:05:37: Haven't been here since UCLA days, awesome katsudon and udon (@ Yashima in LA)
  • 17:12:09: @jowyang 1 mo/yr in Hawaii is my goal too! Need more tech confs there, we already go annually for Jacki's med confs
  • 17:18:24: @vincebelpiede tweetdeck, best desktop client on XP/OSX/Linux
  • 18:51:13: Manhattan beach, Yashima's on Sawtelle, Pasadena, Now Yardhouse in Irvine Spectrum. Wish I could earn frequent driver miles today!
  • 19:35:33: @jowyang actually there's one coming up, Aloha on Rails on 10/4 in Oahu, my coworker @reidmix is going, lucky bastard! :)
  • 19:40:29: @jowyang me having dinner with Jason Joanne & Luke now, they just back from Oahu. Owyang clan need 2 buy house in HI, I will just mooch ;)
  • 22:07:14: Belgium gives us world-class ale and chocolate. But is it enough to make up for Jean-Claude Van Damme?

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