Wednesday, September 30, 2009

From Twitter 09-29-2009

  • 07:41:21: Washing machine broke, checking out frontloaders, any suggestion for a reliable one?
  • 20:09:28: What's the big deal w/ Google Wave? Looks like a big mail+messenger+flickr+facebookmashup, & the UI is too busy (UI never G's strength)
  • 20:44:42: @spullara I use only FB Connect sites, so easy to remember
  • 20:55:24: Moto Cliq ship Nov 2 the MOTOBLUR Android customization looks promising
  • 20:56:39: @chews 2-way realtime web communication, like web-based messenger (bebo, Y! web messenger, etc..)?
  • 20:57:35: @chews I mean meebo, not bebo

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