Saturday, September 26, 2009

Tweets from @genechuang
  • YPMobile is live on the Palm Catalog. Check it out on your Pre! #
  • TGIFFO - thank goodness it's Friday five o'clock! #
  • @dalmaer congrats! 2 great palm news today: @ypmobile went live on the Catalog and you joined Palm! Looking forward to working with u! #
  • Two big Mojo news: @Ypmobile is live on the Catalog and @dalmaer joins Palm! #
  • Can't believe Conan O'Brien bumped his head & was rushed to hospital. His hair helmet should have protected him! #
  • Good to see Harold on FlashForward #
  • @mattplummer I think that's because AT&T monitors twitter and gives grief to haterz :-) #
  • @reidmix just how productive is a RoR conf in Hawaii? I should know, we go to my wife's pediatric conf in Hawaii every year :-) #
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