Friday, October 2, 2009

From Twitter 10-01-2009

  • 08:22:40: Looking for an iPhone app that can text-to-speech Twitter feed, for the morning commute. If none exist, will build one.
  • 09:35:07: RT @foursquare: Wow, we now have around 50 places offering 4SQ deals! Get yer local haunts signed up!
  • 10:02:23: Gmail ui driving me batty - how do I filter unread emails??
  • 10:04:52: @mchwang how long u here in LA? lemme know if you're in the Glendale area for lunch or coffee!
  • 11:00:19: @parand Support Vector Machines - lol!
  • 17:46:24: RT @ATTCustomerCare officially launched on Twitter & can assist w AT&T products & services, tech support to billing q's and troubleshooting
  • 18:11:03: Had 2 donuts before leaving work, makes for a giddy commute
  • 19:12:57: @mskyler even if you do decide cuddle on the couch, you should poop
  • 19:13:34: @chews picture!
  • 22:05:09: FlashForward != LOST. When does series finale start again???

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