Monday, October 5, 2009

From Twitter 10-04-2009

  • 00:11:24: Sushi, Beatles, now six player Catan. Jacki can't have a better birthday
  • 10:07:09: Thanks @goldstar Jim and Robert for great deal on Fab Faux at the Orpheum - Jacki was very happy for her birthday!
  • 11:54:00: @goldstar u guys should partner up with dating sites like eHarmony, lemme know I can make the connection
  • 12:13:29: @rghanbari yup Octoberfest is 1 of the greatest misnomers in history of mankind, right up there with Civil War
  • 16:40:00: Redfin app is great for househunting on the go. Props for a well designed iPhone app that enhances the already top notch website.
  • 20:54:13: @jowyang good to see you took input from my email! :-)

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