Monday, October 26, 2009

From Twitter 10-25-2009

  • 00:11:40: News feed versus live feed, WTF??
  • 00:25:17: The only way to watch SNL these days is on DVR, so you can forward through 85 minutes to crap to get to the 5 minutes of funnies
  • 00:35:08: @rghanbari I can't believe they can still harmonize while being escorted out by security; that's talent!
  • 09:21:23: The new is very red. I expect a lot of communist propaganda.
  • 09:53:21: After going to a Beatles-themed birthday party yesterday: Me: Nat who's your favorite Beatles? Nat: Gringo!
  • 16:28:09: U2 traffic around the Rosebowl. We saw them 4 yrs ago at The Staples Center; No Doubt opened. Wonder if they can get a bigger opener now.
  • 17:28:02: Warm late afternoon for backyard dining with fresh mint Patron margarita and Jacki's fantastic carnitas spread
  • 21:03:57: 5 mi from the Rose Bowl, watching U2 live stream on 50" plasma and surround. Even better than the real thing!
  • 21:49:08: There are just two bands that transcends globally: Beatles and U2. Want to give tweetdeck a good exercise? Open a #u2webcast column
  • 22:16:05: #u2webcast -> MBP -> 50" Pio -> iPhone 3GS videocam -> back online. The geek circle is now complete!
  • 22:28:17: Sunday Bloody Sunday - the only U2 song I can play on the guitar! :-) #u2webcast
  • 23:17:53: Where have all my middle school bands gone? While U2 concludes an epic concert @ Rose Bowl, Morrissey collapses!
  • 23:58:15: @wdr1 ah you went to a yo gabba gabba concert? :-)

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