Wednesday, November 25, 2009

From Twitter 11-24-2009

  • 12:10:22: The mobile data apocalypse - like LA freeway infrastructure, soon we'll all be surf-crawling on the 5
  • 12:39:28: @parand drive-by txting
  • 17:41:43: Hoping for Black Friday sale of Flip MinoHD to replace the fail-prone Canon HV20. Or wait another 6 months for 1080P smartphones
  • 20:48:16: @jwilker still would like an all-in-one audio/video/gps/phone device. Is that asking too much? :)
  • 21:03:38: @jwilker will try, where is it?
  • 23:04:29: Turducken, deep fried turkey, peking-style turkey, etc.. none match this Thanksgiving beast:

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