Friday, December 11, 2009

From Twitter 12-10-2009

  • 00:14:54: @robert_graff have a treehouse warming party when done, we'll bring the kids!
  • 11:41:36: @phaithful hey do you know if ILM09 has webcast? I got a pass from Isaacs, but don't know if I want to drive across town today
  • 15:57:03: @jessas lemme intro u to my coz-in-law @jowyang, since both of u 2 are at LeWeb. @jowyang, @jessas was my boss @ Y! & now VPofE of eHarmony
  • 21:34:56: Farewell party for DY - the only constant is change
  • 22:58:28: Say I do like green eggs and ham!

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