Sunday, March 14, 2010

From Twitter 03-13-2010

  • 07:44:25: @bklein34 thanks! If we can all be that strong at 84!
  • 07:44:44: @JulioBarros thanks! If we can all be that strong at 84!
  • 13:01:16: If Yahoo was smart, they should be talking to Foursquare and Gowalla about Flickr integration
  • 15:03:23: @spullara @xcbsmith Y can be proactive and get the exclusive photo repo for LBS game apps - see echofon, but w/o twitpic option
  • 15:05:00: @ConanOBrien see you at Universal Ampitheater, give a shout out section 19!
  • 18:44:56: Seems to me all the posers are SXSW and all the real geeks are at home making sure the infrastructure is up for them to tweet
  • 18:56:36: @kw I rest my case, tell my cuz @jowyang in person that I called him a poser! :)
  • 19:17:11: @jowyang uh those 'other' social prophets! No offense right coz, we are still on for call about, @KW can fill u in as peview!
  • 21:26:23: Paid $60 for PPV so we can cheer an Asian brutha on!

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