Friday, March 19, 2010

From Twitter 03-18-2010

  • 10:20:59: Have you looked at your Gowalla Privacy Setting yet? It's off by default, opposite of Foursquare. Big fail
  • 10:33:49: Baffled by - so exactly what am I suppose to do here...
  • 10:41:22: Congrats to the mobile team for launching! Ping me if you want an invite to our social-local-mobile offering!
  • 12:23:26: It's about time! We finally have a Tornado at AT&Ti!
  • 15:41:11: Trying out Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty Beta. Thanks Josh!
  • 16:20:45: @jwilker don't have invites yet, but will send when I get them!

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