Thursday, April 1, 2010

From Twitter 03-31-2010

  • 08:31:11: @jowyang I will be at Where 2.0 in SJ today and tomorrow, battleground for ur mentioned location apps, as well as premier. Join!
  • 10:07:47: At Where 2.0 keynote: Blaise the Photosynth dude #where20
  • 10:14:23: Google evangelist zinging speakers "I want to talk about tech that's live and used by 100M+ users". Just like successful G Buzz! #where20
  • 11:16:42: Arrington and O'Reilly chat: battle of the two empires #where20
  • 12:15:05: Listening to @dens associate Super Mario Bros powerup mushroom to 4sq game mechanics at #where20
  • 14:51:41: Chat with @dannysullivan, never had a chance in 8 years at GoTo/Overture/Yahoo. He knew DTC, system I built! #where20
  • 20:07:27: Hanging with the buzz team at Loft Bar and Grill afterhours #where20

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