Sunday, May 9, 2010

From Twitter 05-08-2010

  • 10:03:31: Hottest thing right now? Official Apple iPad case. All stores nearby are out, and all alternatives are crappy!
  • 10:07:54: Best thing about a jailbroken iPad: Backgrounder. I can switch between my paused Pinball game and Facebook app effortlessly
  • 10:20:44: @wdr1 other cases are downright shitty. Epic ipad acessories FAIL
  • 11:25:24: @chews I like ipad cover that has a built-in stand; once u have kids you'll see how important that is at a resaurant :)
  • 11:31:28: Bookmark to your iPad home screen. Buzz your fav sushi joints, share with your FB friends. Native iPad app coming soon!
  • 12:51:44: @chews this one?
  • 14:15:53: Birthday party for Kayla, with some horseback ridin' (@ Underwood Family Farms)
  • 19:48:32: D-Fish!

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