Tuesday, January 4, 2011

From Twitter 01-03-2011

  • 07:58:54: Why does Groupon and SocialLiving think all we do in LA is yoga? #daildealfail #targetingfail #healthfail
  • 08:12:02: RT @StrongMail: Learn what the top marketing objectives for 2011 are in this upcoming webinar with @jowyang & @mikepenna http://bit.ly/f ...
  • 08:13:37: RT @jowyang: Cracked: 6 secret monopolies (eyeglasses, wheat, beer, music) you didn't know ran the world http://bit.ly/aF7xg0
  • 08:31:50: Where there is #fail, there is #opportunity
  • 08:34:48: @dens tried for 6 months, missed ESPN the most. Can get some bootleg live stream like veetle.com, but mileage varied. I fell off wagon
  • 09:31:17: @dens antennaweb.org shows signal strength @ ur location, but like I said, u will need to find bootleg live streaming to supplement OTA

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