Friday, April 1, 2011

From Twitter 03-31-2011

  • 21:30:45: @jessas opulence, I has it!
  • 21:35:21: @bryanl I use to whine when quarter arcade Pac Man swallowed my quarter, so yeah .99 is a lot!
  • 21:36:31: RT @goldstarjim: I think it's time for people to stop saying "Ruh Roh." We've had our fun, but let's show Scooby a little more respect.
  • 22:03:26: A cherry, a cherry, my kingdom for a maraschino cherry! #perfectmanhattan
  • 22:10:34: @mattplummer you got a jar of maraschino cherries not using then? I'm right over! Good idea, I will break out Saphire martini tomorrow
  • 22:44:54: @mrdillon wikipedia should redir to wikileaks
  • 22:52:20: Massive SQL injection attack making the rounds—694K URLs so far via @arstechnica

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