Friday, May 6, 2011

From Twitter 05-05-2011

  • 17:06:21: Well p0wn3d Lakers, well p0wn3d!
  • 22:23:34: @jessas what are you doing reading a book from Al Gore?? Good chat today, thanks for lunch!
  • 22:26:07: Do non-developers (99.9% of users) need to cut-and-paste javascript snippet into url box? So why do modern 'secure' browers allow this??
  • 22:44:15: RT @joestump: The dogs had titanium teeth that cost $2,000 per tooth capable of ripping armor. Are you fucking kidding me?! ...
  • 23:07:00: Dalai Lama = Rambo
  • 23:24:27: It's almost midnight and I'm finally having my first margarita.
  • 23:34:14: HBO Go is not available for Time Warner Cable customers?? #timewarnercablefail

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